Holly J. Carter is a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Metals and a minor in Interior Design History. Holly's main focus is the art of making and selling Fine Art Jewelry, Small Sculpture, and Interior Decor. She originally worked under the business name of Incognito Designs which had a focus on interiors, and has since become an outlet for selling handmade supplies.

Holly shows in Juried Exhibitions, Festivals, and Art Shows. Holly Carter is an internationally known artist and her work is currently shown in galleries across the Southwestern United States.

Her interior design skills and education have helped her to work skillfully in metal, wood, and fiber arts as well. Having a historical and working knowledge of processes and design has been beneficial to Holly's work as a metal smith. Holly's concentration is in Fabrication, Casting, and Vitreous Glass Enameling.

Holly taught Jewelry I, Jewelry II, Enameling, Casting, Etching, and many other metals classes for The Edna Vihel Center for The Arts (City of Tempe), The Mesa Art Center, The Phoenix Center for The Arts, and other art studios around Arizona. She is a member of the Society of North American Gold Smiths (SNAG), the Arizona Designer Craftsmen (ADC) and just stepped down after 3 years as the Coordinator for the Arizona Designer Craftsmen's Central Chapter Metalink Group after moving to California.

In the Fall of 2012 Holly relocated to California. She now creates and resides in the San Francisco East Bay area where she is excited to be teaching at The Richmond Art Center in which she educates Adults in metals as well as children in the Arts in the Community program. Holly has become a member of The Metal Arts Guild of San Francisco(MAG), The Berkeley Art Center, and now the President of The Northern California Enamel Guild.

‘Moving to the bay area has been a big change on my usual way of life. Coming from the dry desert to the cool San Francisco Bay has heightened my appreciation and inspiration in the natural world surrounding. I am continually amazed at the beauty and creativity in nature, the inherit cycle of life inspires my work. The desert was an amazing place with unusual plant life and strange creatures at every turn, but here in the Bay the plant life is astounding. Every time I walk outside here, I find another inspirational organic to add to my collection. I have hope that my art will flourish here and the understanding that the community support and appreciation for diversity in art shall have a positive effect on my career.’

Thank You for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy my work!

Holly J Carter