~Artist Statement~

Thinking architecturally and structurally despite a passion for nature, my love for materials is struggling with my need to save the Environment. I am trying to find a link with nature and the man-made world, by examining the structure inherent in the world, and the need for structure in man. Most things in nature have an internal or external structure and there is beauty in the architecture of its form, functionality, and movement. Many of my pieces are abstract geometric forms with organic nuances, although some pieces are more naturalistic, and at some level there is that part of me that thrives for the innocence of youth and the fantasy in nature and organic forms.

The spine of which is an essential natural structure for vertebrates is represented in my back of the neck pieces. Structure is necessary in Man and Nature, whether for shelter or purely life giving. Trees have a trunk to support their many branches, snails have a shell to shelter them, and many organisms have a strong yet fragile internal skeleton that maintains their movement and existence. The structures we create are a link between Nature and Man. We need structure physically and mentally. As architects of our own lives we maintain our structure as we should natures, for Natures Will always wins over our Natural biological and Man-made structures in the end.

Exploring alternative connections in jewelry has lead to aberrations from the normal function of design. By the lack of connections in some of my pieces I hope to instill a false sense of security and structure, while the structure is there and sound, it represents the feeling of human insecurity, fail ability, and limited existence.

I aspire to integrate my art into furniture design, more literally bringing architecture into my art, a connection between modern architectural form and nature. My goal is to find a pleasing, mildly organic aesthetic that provides for alternative structural design using geometric and organic shapes that are symbolic of nature, softening the struggle between Human Nature, Mother Nature, and sustainable design.

Holly J Carter